As an advertiser, not only is your company represented in a high-end publication with addictive editorial content, it is also seen by thousands of potential customers online. Our eMagazine also enables your website links so the reader can interact directly with your site. 
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Top 10 reasons why should you advertise in magazines... 
Magazines command trust and greater attention 
They spark conversations between friends, family 
and colleagues 
Magazines are an advocate for communities with common interests 
They bring a halo effect to advertising featured alongside relevant content 
Magazines drive word of mouth 
Magazines (along with television) are the most effective media in driving word of mouth 
Magazines outperform newspapers, radio and the internet in 10 out of 11 categories 
Magazines drive WOM among 57% of the population 
Magazines provide a bridge to further interaction 
Magazines provide access to natural networks of common interest 
They stimulate interest in a topic and then direct readers to further avenues they can explore 
They work hand in hand with digital media because core magazine readers are techno-savvy 
Magazines drive online behaviour 
Magazines are the primary driver of an online purchase in 70% of product categories 
They are the most effective medium to drive online purchase of cosmetics, fashion accessories, toiletries, entertainment tickets, food, clothing, travel tickets, and holidays 
Source: PPA 
Reasons why should you advertise in MK Pulse Magazine... 
MK Pulse is thriving! 
We are the only magazine in Milton Keynes that is delivered to 30,000 AB homes each and every month 
We are read by over 90,000 people in Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire every month 
MK Pulse is produced to the highest standard with quality editorial that reflects the local community 
We are THE magazine for Milton Keynes 
MK Pulse understands and meets its readers' needs 
MK Pulse is seen as a trusted friend 
The magazine is kept and used as a referral tool throughout the month 
MK Pulse is viewed as a long-term companion 
MK Pulse reflects the lifestyle and culture of this vibrant and fast-paced city 
MK Pulse's advertising is valued and absorbed 
The targeted nature of MK Pulse means that our adverts are relevant 
Our adverts are part of the magazine's contribution, they are not an interruption of the content 
Your company and/or brand will be seen in a positive manor and will be well received. Research has shown that an advertisement in a lifestyle magazine like MK Pulse has proven to be seen more positively than with other media such as newspapers, TV, radio and websites. (Source: PPA Research) 
MK Pulse is distributed door to door to 30,300 homes and businesses in: Aspley Guise, Astwood, Bolbeck Park, Blakelands, Caldecotte, Clifton Reynes, Downhead Park, Downs Barn, Emberton, Filgrave, Furzton, Gayhurst, Giffard Park, Old Farm Park, Great Linford, Haversham, Kingsmead, Lavendon, Loughton, Middleton, MK Village, Monkston, Monkston Park, Newport Pagnell, Newton Blossomville, Old Stratford, Olney, Oxley Park, Pennyland, Petsoe End, Ravenstone, Shenley Brook End, Shenley Lodge, Sherington, Stoke Goldington, Stony Stratford, Tyringham, Walnut Tree, Walton Park, Wavendon Gate, Weston Underwood, Whaddon, Willen, Willen Park, Woburn, Woburn Sands, Woughton on the Green. 
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